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Shipping cost reduction and new procedure

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What is “Napoleon at War”?

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Our Campaign Manual ‘The Hundred Days’ From Exile to Waterloo (revised edition) now available at Amazon Kindle shop

Our Campaign Manual ‘The Hundred Days’ From Exile to Waterloo (revised edition) now available at Amazon Kindle shop. Get your copy for a really cheap price!! Enjoy..


Campaign Manual “The Hundred Days” Cover

Bavarian 1813 NCS, Forces and Division (French Army)

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Here you have the Bavarian troops for the Leipzig Campaign in 1813, under the French command. Enjoy!





New blister available: British Light Dragoon Cavalry Regiment


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Download the new official 1813 Saxon Infantry Division List, Forces and NCS now! (included in the upcoming Campaign Manual “Leipzig 1813″)

Saxon Division Saxon NCS Saxon Forces

18th June 2015 Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo!


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In order to celebrate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo we are offering a big discount in all our products! Only for a limited period of time!


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New Duchy of Warsaw 1813 list, NCS and Forces. An advance of the Leipzig 1813 book!

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Here you have the new Duchy of Warsaw Infantry Division list, NCS and Forces including the new generic points system (just the polish, we will post soon the complete information about that). Note that the Polish Cavalry Division is not posted.

PS: cost for infantry battalion is 50/30 (cost/minimun), for cavalry is 100/50 and for artillery is 50 per base

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Man at War

The Present and Future of Napoleon at War

Hi to everyone who has followed and supported us in the last four years. The first thing I want to do is make a sincere apology for not being up to the task of running a project such as this and therefore having not lived up to the expectations placed on me when the project was started. I accept all responsibility for both internal problems – having trusted the wrong people – and external problems I was not capable of resolving.

The Napoleon at War project is currently paralysed due to a lack of commercial viability despite the incredible support of our games community. I have not been able to manufacture new miniatures, nor even publish the second campaign we had in the pipeline (Leipzig 1813) in spite of the massive effort made by Rob Smith and all the material he sent me.

But enough of bad news, it is time to look to the future. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We have a new investor and a new plan. Faced with the magnitude of the Napoleonic project, and to test the viability of the considerable investment needed to put it back on track, I had the idea of proposing a smaller and easier to complete project to show that Napoleon at War can be viable and that the money has been well invested.

The new project deals with the American Civil War and we have called it “Brothers at War”. I have been working with play testing groups both in Spain and the US (special thanks to Phil Spera from Dave’s Baggage Train, Rob Smith and Scott Hendrickson who are working to finish the Leipzig 1813 Campaign Manual and Phil Hackney, who is helping to write the new expansion for the American Civil War). I am also organising a crowd funding campaign to raise funds to manufacture the ACW miniatures in 18mm plastic and to prepare the ACW expansion of the rules based on the Napoleon at War system along with terrain, painting sets and gaming aids.

The first 3D designs are ready and the rules are in an advanced state of development. We will have a new website and we have the collaboration of a company which has designed specific terrain elements for the game. When we have the necessary funds to carry out the crowfunding project, unlike the Napoleonic project, this one will be complete and independent and will be organised in such a way that the games community will have all the miniatures, army lists and gaming aids available and ready to play. Independent of any new terrain, campaigns or gaming aids, either developed by us or proposed by the fans themselves and subsequently uploaded.

If this project takes off, the new investor will join our company and will bring a new commercial management (including web community manager) and financial team and I will take charge only of the development of the new Napoleonic campaigns (our main project), the second edition of the Napoleon at War rules, new expansions based on the Napoleon at War system (18th and 19th century conflicts) and the supervision of the design of the new miniatures, terrain and other gaming aids.

Thank you all in advance

final soldado 1 IMG-20140918-WA0002 Union Inf Division Confederate6_

Our blisters of bases are available again!


After a long break, our blisters of bases for your army are available again!

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