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New Release: French Lancers now available!!

The new French Lancers are now available!

Each blister contains a full cavalry regiment of French Chevaulegers-Lanciers (12 mounted figures)

New Release: Prussian Hussars now available!!

The new Prussian Hussars are now available!

Each blister contains a full cavalry regiment of Prussian Hussars (12 mounted figures)

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Napoleon at War scenario: Wavre 1815


The Battle of Wavre was the last relevant military action of The Campaign of the 100 days and took place in the town of Wavre (Belgium) during 18th and 19th of June in 1815. Its main strategic consecuence was that Marshal Grouchy was pursuing the rearguard of Blücher’s Prussian army and couldn’t arrive to Waterloo on 16th (two days earlier) where he might could have changed the course of History. This scenario represents the first assault of the French troops on Wavre’s bridge.


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French Lancers greens are here!

Ligny, the Emperor’s last victory, recounted by Marshal Soult…


In the aftermath of the battle of Ligny, Marshal Soult addressed to Marshal Davout, minister of war, the account of the battle: “Yesterday, from the battlefield of Ligny, I have announced to H.I.H Prince Joseph that the emperor had just secured a victory.

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Heroes of First Empire : Colonel Jean-Baptiste Sourd

Born in 1775 in Signes, France, Jean-Baptiste Sourd enlists in the French Army at the age of 17, in 1792. He serves in the Italian campaign during which, in the midst of a cavalry engagement, he succeeds in disengaging general Massena, hard pressed by Austrian cavalrymen.

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Russian artillery : quantity is a quality on its own

Russian gunnery has never been known for its efficiency, but it has been known for substituting mass for accuracy. The Russian army distinguished itself by the size of its gun batteries: typically, 12 or even 14 guns where other nations fielded 6 or 8. In battle, the guns per 1,000 men ratio was, correspondingly, quite high; At Eylau it was around 6, Borodino over 5, while in other armies the ratio seemed to have been in the 2.5 to 3.5 range.

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Prussia at war

The débâcle of 1806 and the ensuing Treaty of Tilsit had demonstrated that the Prussian military was in need of a drastic overhaul. The army set about reorganizing itself, with vengeance in mind.

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Hougoumont scenario at the Banquet des Généraux

The Hougoumont scenario, from the Hundred Days Campaign Manual, was played in Brussels during its “Napoleonic Special” session. The table was quite spectacular:  Hougoumont castle, robust and noble – and faithfully reproduced – was eye-catching to say the least.

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Man at War recruits Aides de Camp !

Are you a Napoleonic Era fan? Its armies hold no secrets for you? You would like to share your expert views on a particular battle or campaign?
Man at War offers you an opportunity to become one of its Aide de Camp: send your articles to, they will be submitted for publication to our chief editor !