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    I need some clarification on the stronghold rules from the Struggle for Hougoumont pdf.

    Combats and strongholds

    The detachments which defend strongholds have a saving roll in hand to hand combat of 3+, as well as the advantages for defending building included on page 82 of Napoleon at War. This is the only case where troops throw a saving roll in combat. On the other hand, Attackers find themselves at a disadvantage when attacking a stronghold and so their combat dice are reduced by ½. Troops defending a stronghold are always considered the victors of a battle even if they cause fewer casualties than the Attacker, and they never receive automatic casualties at the end of the mêlée if they receive no casualties during the combat. You can only take a stronghold by completely eliminating its defenders.

    Here is my interpretation.

    Attacking a stronghold the normal rule, for attacking buildings apply so the die roll is halved. Eg a btn of 6 bases attacks, this is halved to 3. Now the stronghold rules apply which again halves the 3 dice allowing 2 dice to be rolled.

    For the detachment defending in a stronghold the normal rule, for defending buildings apply,  so an additional 2D6 when counterattacking (fighting back) are added to the number of die rolled, making 3D6. Then the die roll is halved allowing 2 dice to be rolled.

     If the defending detachment sustains any hits, it rolls once, saving on a 3+, no matter how many hits the attacker rolled.

    Chas Irving, 2017-07-18 13:31:39 +02:00
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