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  1. Ken Jacobsen
    Ken Jacobsen Member
    Good afternoon fellow Napoleonic enthusiasts!

    Over the past 5 years I've tried & tried to get other gamers to catch the NaW bug - sadly, to no avail.  I think there a number of reasons for this: 1) There are A LOT of Nap rules sets, 2) People tend to be married to whatever rules set they like & steadfastly refuse to play anything else, and 3) For a new gamer, looking at hundreds of colorfully painted figs, the cost/time/effort required to get a force on the gaming table becomes a barrier to entry.  So, I'm curious as to how many of "us" are out there.

    In the central/northern Virginia area there are a total of 5, with one currently putting his toe in the water. What are your totals?

    Ken Jacobsen, 2017-11-02 19:38:28 +01:00
  2. Chas Irving
    Chas Irving Member
    Ken, I think you are with reason number 3 but once started it can be hard to stop. As for changing for one set of rules to another I think if a player can't see they current gaming partners changing then they won't unless the basing is the same.

    Chas Irving, 2017-11-03 10:20:37 +01:00
  3. Wayne Appleby
    Wayne Appleby Member
    I have tons of figures (Russians, Austrians, Prussians and French)  and have been looking for a new rule set.  I know it means massive re-mounting but I find that entirely acceptable if I like the gaming system.

    NaW is a bit problematic as the units average 2 figures larger than other systems I have played, but it is still workable.  I find NaW rather attractive due to its similarity to FoW.  And, I just found a friend who was willing to part with his Rule Book.  I would say give this game a little time and it could very well catch on in the gaming community, but I  see I am a bit late to the table.  

    None the less, I'm going with NaW.  Lets stay optimistic.  Lets see if they Man at War is able to bounce back.
    Wayne Appleby, 2017-11-17 08:04:05 +01:00
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