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  1. Ady Blake
    Ady Blake Member
    Firstly I would like to say good luck to the new management and all the best.

    Secondly I would like to say you really need to do something about this website, its really poor to navigate and not at all conducive to promoting this Great game.

    Thanks and good luck

    Ady Blake, 2017-03-03 02:06:54 +01:00
  2. simone volpi
    simone volpi Administrator Staff Member
    Hello Everybody,

    I am the guy (most probably crazy) who has acquired from Ricardo his fantastic rule system and exisitng miniature range; just thought nice to present myself to you guys.

    Right now we are working on a new website, well most probably combining it with my other exisitng website (

    over the next few days I will come back with my plans........

    thanks and rgds

    simone volpi, 2017-03-04 10:45:14 +01:00
  3. Chas Irving
    Chas Irving Member
    Good luck.
    Chas Irving, 2017-03-04 12:21:24 +01:00
  4. J.E.Petersen
    J.E.Petersen Member Viborg
    The rules need a V2 fast :(

    The miniatures are nice.

    Good luck.

    The V2 comment is because my group is about to drop V1 fore another game.
    J.E.Petersen, 2017-03-04 19:57:29 +01:00
  5. brujoemt
    brujoemt Member Malaga
    Hello Simone, you are not crazy!!!, NaW is a great game but it is true that the game need an update and some modifications in your rules. A few months ago a group of people were working on a v2 fo Naw, team headed by Quino, director and owner of the magazines Breaking War and Painting War to present it to Ricardo as a new edition for NaW. If you wish, contact with Quino to see our ideas (we are a very veteran group in developing rules and playtesting games). Good luck, if you need help, the community of players will gladly help you.
    brujoemt, 2017-03-05 13:19:56 +01:00
  6. simone volpi
    simone volpi Administrator Staff Member
    Hi Everybody, I am really happy you guys have offered your support, which I am sure will be extremely appreciated!!!!!!!
    In the meantime let me share my ideas with you:

    1. I would like to come up with a Version 2 of the rule system, with most probably a rule book along wiht one book per army
    2. I would like to cover all major factions/armies of the period, both for books and miniatures, by both adding new sets to the existing blisters/boxes as well as coming up with new Nations
    3. I have alredy commisioned quite a large list of new units (starting with infantry regs) - first 4 new regs. being:
    a) British Rifles
    b) Early Austrian infantry
    c) Russian musketeers
    d) Early French infantry
    4) Each new Nation/Army will have infantry (line infantry, guards and light infantry), cavalry (light and heavy), and artillery (foot and horse)
    The full lst of the commissioned new units:
    2. Peninsula infantry
    1.Early German infantry
    2. German grenadiers
    3. Late German infantry
    4. Light cavalry
    5. Heavy cavalry
    6. Foot artillery with limber
    7. Horse artillery with limber
    1. Musketeers
    2. Jagers
    3. Grenadiers
    4. Light cavalry
    5. Heavy cavalry
    6. Foot artillery with limber
    7. Horse artillery with limber
    1. Line infantry
    2. Grenadiers
    3. Guards
    4. Light cavalry
    5. Heavy cavalry
    1. Heavy cavalry
    1. Infantry in great coat
    1. Line infantry
    2. Light cavalry
    3. Foot artillery with limber
    1. Line infantry
    2. Cacadores/light infantry
    3. Foot artilelry with limber

    simone volpi, 2017-03-06 10:52:39 +01:00
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  7. Quillup
    Quillup Member Colebrook
    Hi Simone,

    This is awesome news. I drank the Nap at War Brew back in 2012 and find it my favorite Napoleonic System. 

    As a vendor I sell bases and storage solutions for miniatures in the US, including custom solutions for Nap at War.

    Thank you for choosing Dave’s Baggage Train to serve your hobby needs.

    Phillip Spera
    POBox 293
    Colebrook, CT 06021
    Phone: 860-738-2391

     "Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself founded empires; but what foundation did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded an empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for Him"

    - Napoleon Bonaparte


    Quillup, 2017-03-06 16:39:22 +01:00
  8. Draccan
    Draccan Member

    Hello Simone

    Really great news that this game is getting fresh attention and new ressources. I know Ricardo has done all he can and I am happy his great work has not gone to waste.
    We are a few people either playing already for a while or thinking of starting it in Denmark.

    I know it is hard to say as you are still getting to know more about was is going on, but since you already commissioned new figures, I hope it is not too forward to ask; do you think Russian miniatures will be out before the summer, in the fall or at the earliest next year?

    Also, I have looked into the rules but not played the game and I hear from many sources and can read myself to that Russians need a boost to be playable. So great if you can get around to that too.

    Good luck and let the community know if we can do something to help.



    Draccan, 2017-03-06 21:52:46 +01:00
  9. Draccan
    Draccan Member
    Oh and don't forget to write an update on the Facebook groups (both of them)
    Draccan, 2017-03-06 21:56:39 +01:00
  10. Hip Hip Hooray....sounds like lots of good stuff heading our way!!!


    Jean-Christophe Devorsine, 2017-03-07 01:36:55 +01:00
  11. David Brown
    David Brown Member

    A while back some of my group looked at doing a 'Not@War' 'fan-fiction' version of the rules too, on the assumption that the official version was an evolutionary dead-end.  Mainly we playtested a range of alternative rules and fixes. Some I put on the old forum or elsewhere.

    Depending on how the authors want to proceed, I'll dig them up.


    David F Brown
    David Brown, 2017-03-07 07:46:19 +01:00
  12. simone volpi
    simone volpi Administrator Staff Member
    Hi everybody, all new regiments/units have been commissioned already. The first units which should be available are British Peninsula Infantry, Early Austrian Infantry and Russian Musketeers (I will post some images of the miniautres on ciboslittledudes facebook page).

    I imagine these first new sets should be ready to be shipped sometimes towards end of April, the other units should follow soon after, my intention would be to be able to cpme up woth 2 new sets every month.

    I live in Switzerland and I am actually thinking to organize a sort of tournament, of course if any of you guys would be interested to join and come to Switzerland.....this could be done sometimes around September???? again very early stage an still considering the idea....but it could be fun......

    simone volpi, 2017-03-07 21:11:01 +01:00
  13. J.E.Petersen
    J.E.Petersen Member Viborg
    Do you have any exspectation timeline or so on a V2 version :) it is so good news
    J.E.Petersen, 2017-03-07 21:36:26 +01:00
  14. Riton 34140
    Riton 34140 Member

    Instead of making one book per army, why not make a campaign?

    Campaign of Spain, lists of armies and orders of battles?
    Campaign of Russia, Germany ...

    I tinkered a battle order for the Westphalian army during the German campaign, it gives:

    10ème Corps Campagne d'Allemagne 1809   Wesphalie et Hollande        
      Division d'Infanterie Damas              
      1 bat de légers Jäger     Brigade de Cavalerie Lourde     Art à Pied  
      2ème Reg : 2 Bataillons de ligne              
      6ème Reg : 2 Bat de Ligne     Art à Cheval        
                  Division Hollandaise  
      Division d'Infanterie Wickenberg     Art à Pied     1ere Brigade d'Infanterie  
      1 bat de légers Jäger           Général  
      2ème Reg : 2 Bataillons de ligne           2-4 Bataillons d'Infanterie  
      6ème Reg : 2 Bat de Ligne     Division de la Garde        
            Brigade d'Infanterie de la Garde Legras     2eme Brigade d'Infanterie  
      Art à Pied     Général     Général  
            1 Bat Grenadiers de la Garde     2-4 Bataillons d'Infanterie  
            1 Bat Chasseurs de la Garde        
            1 Bat Chasseurs Carabiniers de la Garde     Art à Pied Hollandaise  
            Regt Chevaux Légers lanciers Garde     Brigade de Cavalerie Lourde  
                  Art à Cheval  
                  Regt de Cuirassiers  
            Brigade de Cavalerie Légère Hammerstein        
            Brigade de Hussards        
            Brigade d'Infanterie Danloup-Verdun        
            1 bat de légers Jäger        
            5ème Reg : 2 Bataillons de ligne        
    Riton 34140, 2017-03-08 16:57:29 +01:00
  15. Ken Jacobsen
    Ken Jacobsen Member

    Welcome!  This is certainly good news.  I haven't posted in some time due to generaly lethargy regading NaW; I'm now re-energized.

    I think we would all be remiss if we didn't acknowledge Ricardo for the system he's give us.  Although we've had issues over the years - and I've been a very vocal critic at times - the fact remains that Ricardo is the one who put out the rules & figures, managed the website, and took all the risks to bring us a set of rules we all REALLY like.  So, thank you Ricardo!

    The timing of the management switch is very fortuitous; Historicon is right around the corner.  I didn't run a NaW tourney last year due to the aforementioned lethargy.  However, I'd be more than willing to do so this year IF I felt the turnout would be high enough.  So, here's my question for Simone: what are you willing/prepared to do to market the management change and help create some "buzz"?

    Ken Jacobsen, 2017-03-08 21:46:18 +01:00
  16. Draccan
    Draccan Member

    Simone; one important thing to ask you. Do you plan to keep the base sizes?
    Draccan, 2017-03-08 22:53:38 +01:00
  17. Riton 34140
    Riton 34140 Member
    Hi Simone,
    I'm a French player. And in France, we have a big problem, we are not able to agree on a rule So the clubs will take rules in English right and left. (Not to mention that we are quite French franco)
    The only club that I know and who plays or attempts to launch the rule is 4 hours away.
    A good way to federate players would be to have a rule in French. With the new tools, a pdf file would be a good means of dissemination. All players do not read English and this means that we are faced with errors of translation and interpretation.
    We try to make a meeting with this other club but the imperatives of each other, it is not often compatible.
    Having a rule in the moliere language would give us a definite advantage in initiating and motivating new players.
    Riton 34140, 2017-03-08 23:01:36 +01:00
  18. simone volpi
    simone volpi Administrator Staff Member
    Hello guys,

    let me try to answer all questions:

    V2 - I am hoping to have something ready by next September, of course if we can get support from the community (thank you guys) it will easier and faster.....
    basing - my idea is of course to maintain the exisitng basing system, which i personally find very convenient and also good looking
    Books - you know it is actually a good idea to have Campaing books rahter then dedicated army books. Of course my idea was to have army books with different (if applicable) army lists based on the various historical theaters.....but eventually the end results should be pretty similar...anyways something to be considered!!
    Market change - let me be honest, I do not have enough experience in this market to be able to come up with a firm strategy as of today; what I can promise is that I am ready to do whatever it takes to make sure this great game is expanded as much as possible (here again I am more then happy to receive suggestions). I am ready to invest time and money, this is not the issue really. Since I have no experience at all my biggest challenge is actually developing the new rule set....that is my only concern, whch I am pretty confident to solve with all of your support and Ricardo's as well.......but I do not see any other problem.
    Language - I agree that sometimes this could create issues and so less "audience"......well again no idea if it would make sense from an economic point of view, but I do not see too many problems in translating the set in French (afterall I am married to a lovely French lady) and may be other languages I see it manageable.

    I am also planning (no firm date yet) to come up with a version dedicated to the Italian Wars of independence (1848-1870); I believe this to be a very interesting historical theater......but on this may be i will give you more details in a second phase.

    simone volpi, 2017-03-09 14:24:12 +01:00
  19. We are very optimistic about this V2 in our group. We had just given up on the V1 version, as it seemed the forum/game had died, and it seemed a bit too much to make our own houserule V2 game. Now for the 5th time, I have ended basing back to Naw bases (phew), out of sheer optimism about the positive vibe I feel on the forum.

    Is the intention to just make minor tweaks to the rules or a severe cleanup? 


    Crispy Lineman, 2017-03-09 23:00:15 +01:00
  20. We are very optimistic about this V2 in our group. We had just given up on the V1 version, as it seemed the forum/game had died, and it seemed a bit too much to make our own houserule V2 game. Now for the 5th time, I have ended basing back to Naw bases (phew), out of sheer optimism about the positive vibe I feel on the forum.

    Is the intention to just make minor tweaks to the rules or a severe cleanup? 


    Crispy Lineman, 2017-03-09 23:00:17 +01:00
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